Dog Gone Rules
Animal Clipper
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Dog Gone Rules


Dogs must be under the control of an adult on a leash, held in your arms, or in carriers at all times in the parking lot and in our salon. 

For the safety of all our guests, please lock your retractable leashes to 4 feet or less while in the salon.

Do not leave pets unattended at any time. 

Pooch made a mess?  Please notify us right away so we can mop up to prevent slip hazards. 

Please help us maintain a clean facility. Dog Waste bags are available at the front counter and also at our Dog Waste Station which is located outside in front of our salon. Be courteous to our neighbors and other patrons, PLEASE STOOP AND SCOOP!

For health and safety reasons, we recommend that puppies be over 4 months old and have all their recommended vaccines before your visit. 

Strays and animals from shelters MUST be examined and cleared by a veterinarian.

Please no fleas or ticks! Animal Clipper is a flea/tick-free zone. If fleas are found while brushing/bathing your pet, please alert our staff IMMEDIATELY.

Dog-Aggressive and/or Anti-social pets are welcome, JUST NOT DURING NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS. We understand and thank you for taking on the challenges some of these animals may present and we want to accommodate your needs as well. Please call to discuss your options. 

Disruptive dogs may be asked to leave at management’s discretion.

Children MUST be under adult supervision at ALL TIMES. Please make sure you advise them NOT to approach other pets without permission. No running, jumping, or horseplay.